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GonikaLife is a lifestyle, the essence of which is centered around dynamic color and light, radiant beauty, and a deep connection with self and humanity. Margaret taps into love and imagination to create spaces and products that bring to life equilibrium, comfort, and a deeper connection to oneself and the world. At its purest GonikaLife is a celebration of color and our deepest connection to beauty and nature. 

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Margaret RosaniaMargaret Rosania, was born in Barranquilla, Colombia. She began exploring the artistic world as a child, inspired by the beauty around her. When she turned 15, she moved to the United States to finish school and begin her career as a graphic designer. As a designer and creative director she had the fortune of fulfilling her many dreams in the creative world. Blessed with opportunities to gain quality experiences at some of the most successful advertising agencies, she also built her own post-production studio (Abstrakt Figments, Inc.) in New York City. As she pursued her career, her spirit of inquiry towards the spiritual world led her to study and practice Yoga. This journey further broadened her imagination and paved a new path, leading her to rediscover the world of beauty and discover the world of wellness. In 2008, she picked up her backpack, filled it with markers and paper, and took off for South America in search of sacred places. It was during this quest that GonikaLife was born.

Walking her path as a designer, yoga practitioner and spiritual student Margaret is constantly connecting and exploring the intersection of humanity and nature. Her yoga journey has offered her the opportunity to study various mediums of alternative medicine such as acupuncture, aromatherapy, Ayurveda, healing with stones and crystals, reiki, moxibustion and art therapy. As part of GonikaLife, Margaret uses these mediums to aid others in their physical, emotional and lifestyle ailments. Connecting with much empathy and sharing her understanding of body, mind and spirit to create a wholesome and happy being, she guides her students, family and friends toward a sense of personal empowerment and a universal mindset of connection. Her curiosity for integrative nutrition has recently led her to pursue a health coaching certification with the Integrative Institute for Nutrition in New York City.                                   

Through GonikaLife, Margaret combines her passion for art and beauty with her passion for yoga, integrative nutrition, nature and spiritual growth.



 Gonika, the inspiration

A virtuous woman named Gonika, who was totally devoted to yoga, was praying and seeking for someone to be a worthy son to her. She wanted to pass on the knowledge and understanding she had gained through yoga. Concerned that, with her days on earth now severely numbered, she had not yet found a candidate, she prostrated herself before the Sun, the earthly manifestation of the light and presence of God. She scooped up the only gift she could find—a handful of water—and beseeched him to bestow her with a son. She then meditated upon the Sun and prepared herself to present her simple but sincere offering. On seeing all this Adisesa—the bearer of Vishnu—knew that he had found the mother he was looking for. Just as Gonika was about to offer her handful of water to the Sun, she glanced down at her hands and was astonished to see a tiny serpent moving in her hands. She was even more astonished when, within a few moments, that serpent had assumed a human form. Adisesa, who it was, in his turn prostrated before Gonika and pleaded with her to accept him as her son.