Siendo, art of BEING

pause, feel, connect, let go.



The Conch  our Symbol ... “the spirally volute wind jewel” Aztec Quetzalcoalt

When we set out to walk our own path toward discovering our purpose, our hearts fill with love.  As this love vibrates, it creates a rhythm, which ultimately, through our choices and experiences, becomes our cause and effect.  Our rhythm is the Divine frequency that connects us to our uniqueness and guides us on our path. It is our compass.

Sound, vibration, and vibrato are the energies that create movement and life. Tuning into these vibrations inspires our souls and leads us to accomplish our highest potential.

The conch is a symbol of this vibration.  It has been used as an amulet, on totems, as armor, and as a way to call out to communities. It belongs to the earth and lives in the sea, and as such, captures the elements of nature inside its powerful silence. For us at GonikaLife, the conch is a symbol of a call for unity and soul-fulfillment.  Our call is to empower others through nature. Doing so we fulfill our purpose.  To us, this is the art of being.  


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